KIDBOX works in YOUR

to deliver new clothing, supplies,

 and so much more, in times of need.  We're building a KINDNESS Movement.


When a box is purchased and kept, new clothing is donated to a child in need.  KIDBOX coordinates with their community board members to ship new clothing to further the KIDBOX Movement.

ow it works

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here we give

We're in YOUR Community.  Whether it's a need in a small community, a natural disaster or just one child in need, the KIDBOX Community is there.  For every box that is sold & kept, KIDBOX donates new clothing items. Together we have exceeded

12.5 Million dollars worth of brand new clothing to children in need.


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Community Board

From one side of the US to the other, we're in YOUR community and growing!  Kindness is Contagious and we want you to join us in the KIDBOX Movement!

Join the Movement

We're here to help and always looking to grow our community.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining the KIDBOX Movement or have a need we may can assist you with!  If you are with MOMS Club, please click HERE!

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Look Good.  Do Good

What an honor to be part of such an amazing company & community.  We can't wait to share the next place we are impacting lives thanks to YOUR generosity!