Jayden Perez

After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, Jayden, who has relatives living on the island, felt a sense of responsibility to help those affected. The 9 year old organized a successful toy drive and even personally handed out more than 1,000 toys to children in Puerto Rico. Jayden continues to give back, recently using his birthday money to purchase dog, cat and rooster food for animals also impacted by the hurricane.


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9-year-old boy from New Jersey uses birthday money to help animals in Puerto Rico


Jayden Perez, from Woodland Park, New Jersey, just celebrated his ninth birthday, so he's donating all of his birthday money to the animals abandoned after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

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This 8-Year-Old Boy Is Donating 1,000 Toys to Kids in Puerto Rico This Christmas

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When Jayden Perez, 8, learned that kids in Puerto Rico wouldn’t be getting presents this Christmas because of Hurricane Maria, he told his mother Ana Rosado that he wanted to donate his own Christmas gifts to the children in need. 

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8-Year-Old Collects 1000 Toys For Puerto Rico

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Jayden Perez plans to visit Puerto Rico to hand out the toys in time for Three Kings' Day.