Apply for our 2020 Kid's Board of Directors

The KIDBOX Kids Board of Directors is a group of amazing kids from across the USA with one common goal:

To change the world through a passion for social good.

Meet the 2019 KIDBOX Kids Board of Directors

From budding entrepreneurs to community activists, keep an eye out for these young leaders. These kids are already changing the world and we’re excited to give them a national platform to make an even bigger impact.


Ryan Hickman

Ryan has been leading beach cleans in his community. He knows that by recycling and keeping trash out of our oceans and landfills, it’s better for animals and the environment.

Michael 'Mikey' Wren..jpeg

Michael Wren 

Michael “Mikey” Wren is an 11 year old entrepreneur and author. At 8, Mikey started Mikey’s Munchies Vending, a local vending machine company in St. Louis, MO.


Gabriel Benitez

Gabriel works with the non-profit organization, Build a Miracle, to raise money to build homes for families in need in Tijuana, Mexico.

Jahkil Jackson helping .jpg

Jahkil Jackson 

Jahkil Jackson started an organization called Project I Am three years ago to create awareness of homelessness and inspire youth to be involved in their communities. Through Project I Am he has created and distributed “Blessing Bags” that have been distributed to over 20,000 people throughout the world.
bella headshot .JPG

Isabella Davis 

Bella has worked to repair her community after Hurricane Florence. She went around her school to talk about the needs of the hurricane victims. She collected over 500 toothbrushes to give to the hurricane survivors. Bella works with Saving Grace K9, a nonprofit that works to match service dogs with disabled veterans. In her free time she does theater with Creative Drama in Clemmons, North Carolina. 

mari copeny.png

Mari Copeny

Mari has made a huge impact in her community of Flint, Michigan to aid their water crisis. She has raised over $250,000 to fix the water crisis, and has given out over a million bottles of water. She has partnered with Pack Your Back, a nonprofit in Flint, for most of her service work. She has given over 1,000 toys, 15,000 stuffed backpacks, and 600 coats to the Flint community. Her main point of service is working to end the Flint Water Crisis. 

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Tamia Hawkins 

Tamia is inspiring kids in her community through her baking business by showing them that they don’t have to wait to start pursuing their dreams. She does a lot of community service with her mom who organizes events to feed the homeless while providing clothes and personal hygiene products to those in need. Through her work in her community she has started development on programs to teach baking to kids in the inner city. 

Michele Moreno.jpg

Michelle Moreno 

Michelle helps people in her community get access to clean drinking water. She raised money for kids through a nonprofit called, Charity Water. She recently won the “Kid of Character” award at school for spreading kindness in her class. She works to make sure that kids always feel their best and are able to pursue their dreams. 

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Franiya Tiffany 

Franiya is the author of two books, Love Your Art and How to be a Star Boss. She created the Love Your Art and Shine talent show, which gives kids an opportunity to shine and share their talents. This year she encouraged others to give back through her, Love Your Art and Give Back initiative, to include others in their art. Beyond her passion for the arts, she works with a women’s shelter to collect clothes to be donated to the women and children. 

 Havana Chapman-Edwards _ _ the tiny dip

Havana Chapman - Edwards

Since she was born, Havana has lived in 5 different countries and visited 25 countries because her parents are diplomats. When she moved back to the states two years ago she started a book club called Rhymers Are Readers #37books with her choir. Scholastic did a study this year that shows African-American children have 37 fewer books in their homes than white children. She started donating books to her choir to encourage literacy and representation in literature. She has expanded her reach to schools in her community, and she raised over $20,000 to donate books and school supplies to girls at the Bakhita orphanage in Ghana.